Month: January 2016

A Stay at Home Mum’s Guide to getting a Job Interview

“Taxi!” I gracefully extend my arm feeling like I’m in a glamorous movie scene. Maybe Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’? Standing on the ‘sidewalk’ in a bustling New York street. I imagine I’m dressed head to toe in a chic black dress and stylish sunglasses, donning glitzy earrings and a gorgeous designer hat. My…

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Our daughter, the drainpipe slayer

“Mummy, I bleeded Chardonnay.” Just like that she said it. Standing in the bright colourful corridor of her nursery, walls decorated with sunshine and rainbows dotted with sweet paintings made by the children and tiny photographs of each of the adorable pre schoolers all in a row showing whose peg was whose, stood my happy…

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How to clean your house… a lesson in priorities.

Morecaster. Middle of January. Miserable winter weather. I, Jenny Brown, am at home on a Wednesday evening, slumped on a cream, sagging sofa with felt tip marks scribbled on the arm rest and what I hope is chocolate smeared into the upholstery. I stare past my ghastly neon pink ‘Best Mum in the World’ slippers…

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