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A Guide to Inspiring your Children’s Future Aspirations

“Mummy! Oliver’s leaking!”


We’re in the car on the way back from school. There’s no way of turning myself round to check on the little man who I’m certain is fine so I ask,”Is he leaking from his mouth or his eyes?”


“Mouth! Eurgh, it’s white!”


“Oh, it’s just a bit of milky sick. He’s fine.”


It goes quiet for a little bit. Then, “Uh Oh! Mummy!”


“What is it?!” I start to panic a little.


“He’s going to start crying!” her voice crescendos dramatically, then just as quickly she says, “Oh….no….he’s just breathing.”


I roll my eyes and shake my head. Soon Sophie changes the conversation.


“Mummy, I don’t know which house I’m going to live in when I’m a grown up.” She peers out the car window looking at the rows of grey semis and terraced houses lined up along the road passing us by as if she’s considering one of these.


“Well, you’ve got a long time to decide. You don’t need to worry about that just yet.”


“I need to wait for someone to die first don’t I.”


I try to stifle my laughter, “You know, you don’t need to wait until then. People just move house when they want to or need to. Not just when they die.”


“What?! Really?!” This was clearly good news to Sophie.


“Yes. You know, Mummy and Daddy moved house before you were born.”


“Which house did you live in?”


“It’s far away from here. It’s in a place called Longbridge.”


“Ooooh, Longbridge. Did it have a long bridge?”


I think for a moment…. “Er, I don’t think it did actually! It might have done a long time ago. You know, Soph, maybe you’ll get a house near where you get a job” I take the opportunity to plant aspirational seeds in her young fertile mind.


“No, Mummy. I’ll get a job near where my house is!”


I smile at her simple approach to life. “So what job would you like to do when you grow up?” I wait for a response like ‘doctor’, ‘astronaut’, ‘singer’.


“Er, washing up!” I chuckle to myself at the stark contrast between our two ideas for her future.


“Ha ha! I think you can do better than that, Darling. What else could you do instead of washing up.”


She thinks long and hard about her next career choice, “Picking up rubbish!”


I smile. “A Dishwasher or a Bin Lady?”


“Yes.” she says resolutely.


“Well, I think they are both very noble professions, Darling.”



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