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God Vs Father Christmas

It’s the middle of February and Sophie is writing her Christmas list. I say ‘writing’ but what I actually mean is she’s ‘drawing’ her Christmas list. This isn’t because she can’t write – far from it, she actually keeps a diary and writes in it every day – but, drawing is a much quicker way for my five year old to get her thoughts down on paper.

There is a neat little row of different coloured pens drawn on this piece of paper. The pens get smaller and smaller as the row goes along looking a little bit like a xylophone. Underneath this is what looks like a pink clock with several circles drawn around it giving it a 3D effect. Then there’s a group of smaller items in the bottom corner: a necklace and earrings with circular and triangular jewels, a watch with little symbols on it – not numbers, of course! – a pair of spotty boots and a computer (or oncyooter, as Sophie would say). At the top of this list are lots of neat little hearts.

“I think it’s a little early for you to be writing a Christmas list, Soph.”

“But these are all things I NEED, Mummy!”

“Okay, but I just want you to realise you’ll be waiting a little while if you’re expecting Father Christmas to bring them.”

“Okay, well. I’ll ask God instead! Then it will be quicker.”

She proceeds to lift up the piece of paper into the air. She looks at me with a puzzled look on her face then looks up. She begins to stretch up trying to get her piece of paper as high as she can, “But, Mummy, how will God get the list?!”

This is an unexpected question and I’m not quite sure how to respond. I quickly change the subject.

“What are the hearts for?” I ask.

“They are because I love God lots and lots.”

Well, if that isn’t an early indication of using flattery to get what she wants, I don’t know what is!


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