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A day in the life of a sleep-deprived mum

05:30 Wake up after having been up with Oliver crying until 3am and begin worrying about my job interview this afternoon.

08:45 Hear elderly disabled neighbour shouting for help because water is pouring through the bathroom and kitchen ceiling of her one bedroom flat and her electricity has gone.

11:30 After dealing with landlords, the council, a builder, plumber, electrician, the water company and the police (multiple times) I begin to prepare a presentation I have to deliver for my job interview in two hours time.

1:00 Head to the station. Realise I’ve left my purse at home. Get home, realise I had my purse all along. Miss train.

2:20 Arrive twenty minutes late to the job interview. Deliver the presentation. I don’t get the job.

4:50 Miss train home. Phone runs out of battery so I can’t call mother in law to tell her I’ll be late to pick up Sophie and Oliver.

5:45 Get home. Charge phone. Go outside to get car and can’t see it. Walk around the block and go home thinking it’s been stolen.

5:55 Realise I drove the car to the station at 1 o’clock when I realised I was going to be late for my train.

6:15 Arrive at station and realise I have left the parking ticket at home.

6:30 Get back to charging phone at home call mother-in-law and ask her to give Sophie and Oliver a bath. I will bring pyjamas.

6:50 Arrive back at station…….I Forgot the pyjamas.


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