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17 signs you’ve been watching WAY too much CBeebies

  1. You become fascinated by some new knowledge you have gained from ‘Nina and the Neurons.’
  2. You miss Sid.
  3. You wonder what on earth Katy has done to her hair THIS time!
  4. You begin sentences with, “You’ll never guess what happened on ‘Abney and Teal’ today!”
  5. You hear the theme music to Chugginton and say out loud to no one in particular, “Oh, Chuggington is on. I like Chuggington.”
  6. Whilst watching a particular episode of Topsy and Tim you say to your two year old, “There is no way they would have been able to have the last day of Nursery at their house! Health and Safety would never have allowed it!”
  7. You wonder where Alex is.
  8. You are in awe of how good Flop is at parenting – you’ve learned a lot from him.
  9. You sit in your daughter’s first school parent’s evening being told by the teacher that she knows all her letters, initial sounds, numbers and can count to twenty and think quietly to yourself, “I have an awful lot to thank CBeebies for!”
  10. You wonder why Rebecca has been doing so many links and if she’s now a permanent member of the CBeebies team.
  11. You secretly watch an episode of ‘Nelly and Nora’ on your own because you find it really peaceful and a great way of chilling out.
  12. You find yourself singing, “Roll up your sleeves and give your hands a wash…” when you’re on your own…. in a public toilet… without children!
  13. Your whole world falls apart when the programme schedule changes because how on earth are you going to get your child to eat their tea if they’re not distracted by ‘Tree Fu Tom’ at Five O’Clock!
  14. Whenever you hear the word ‘Duck’ you can’t help yourself from adding ‘Quack’ at the same pitch as the theme tune.
  15. Even when the kids are at school, you leave Cbeebies on in the background because it’s a comforting sound and reminds you of their pre-school days…… and then when someone comes round you say, “Oh gosh, I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to switch the TV off since breakfast!” *nervous giggle*
  16. One of your favourite songs EVER is ‘Our cheeks go rosy, in winter!’
  17. Instead of using the clock you use the programme schedule in the morning to determine where you are up to in your morning routine: Octonauts – finishing breakfast; Kate and Mim Mim – hair, teeth and face; Wussy Wat – get dressed into uniform; Dinopaws – ARGHHH!!!! WE’RE LATE! GO! GO! GO!!!!!

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