Month: September 2016

What the school prospectus doesn’t tell you about the playground

The school playground: skipping games, ball games, mind games, giggling, name calling, teasing, nobody to play with… and that’s just the mums at drop off and pickup time!   Yesterday, I found a couple of nice mums to play with, I mean chat with whilst waiting for Sophie. Celeste’s mum was on her own standing…

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When museums are TOO educational

“Mummy, I want to see a skeleton!” We were in the Natural History Museum in London, having a weekend break in the capital city. We’d just been round the entire Dinosaur section in the ‘Blue Zone’ working our way through billions of years of history at a hundred miles an hour – five year old…

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Wash and flush… it’s not always a good idea

“Have you washed your hands?!” “Have you flushed?!” Two questions that are constantly spouting from my mouth because nine times out of ten she hasn’t done either of these things, and with the toilet being downstairs she hasn’t got far to go to rectify these things. (Even if it means all she’s doing is turning the tap…

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