Month: October 2016

Timescale according to a five year old – Part 2

  “I like eating rice, Mummy, just like Chinese people. Don’t I?” “Yes, Darling.” “You know, Mummy, we could go to China.” “Maybe one day. That would be fun.” “Let’s go tomorrow!”   *************************************************************************************************************************   Knowing how much she loves birthdays I said, “Did you know it’s the Queen’s birthday today!” Sophie, eating her Cheerios,…

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Timescale according to a five year old – Part 1

  “Do you remember, Mummy, when I was a baby and I ate pink fish (salmon) for the first time and I really liked it?” “Do you mean last week, Darling? When you were five like you still are now?” “……Hmmm, yes.”   ****************************************************************************************************   “Daddy! Come and play in the balloon room!” “The balloon…

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Why don’t teenagers come with a manual?

On my living room floor, there is a pile of roasted and salted peanuts. Looking a little more closely I can see some cashew nuts too. It’s quite a heaped pile. A bowlful I’d say. What they’re doing on the living room carpet just underneath the bay fronted window, I have no idea. They’ve been…

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