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Timescale according to a five year old – Part 1


“Do you remember, Mummy, when I was a baby and I ate pink fish (salmon) for the first time and I really liked it?”

“Do you mean last week, Darling? When you were five like you still are now?”

“……Hmmm, yes.”




“Daddy! Come and play in the balloon room!”

“The balloon room?”

“Yes, where all Olly’s birthday balloons are.”

“Oh, you mean the Dining Room. Well, just for a few minutes because Mummy is making tea now.”

“No! Not a few minutes! Let’s play for …. Twenty years!!”




“…but I want some chocolate NOW, Mummy, NOW!!!!” Hugging her Easter Egg so tightly it’s beginning to melt and seep through the foil.

“Sweetheart, I’ve already said you can have some after your dinner.” I have my hand out waiting for her to pass me the egg.

“But that will take FOR AGES!”

“Errrr….. It’s already out on the table right now getting cold.”

“Oh!” she says dropping the warm, melted egg into my hand revealing a lovely chocolate stain all over her school uniform.


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