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When the kids are always (sometimes) right

Sophie LOVES to dance! She doesn’t walk from room to room she jetes, leaps and twirls, narrowly escaping the impaling of door handles and table corners, or tripping over Olly’s wheels.


When she was three years old a day wouldn’t go by without seeing her in her Queen Elsa dress and playing ‘Let it Go’ on Spotify over and over and over again. She’d strut round the house belting out,

“Here I’m Panda! Here I’ll play!” (actual lyrics:” Here I’ll stand and here I’ll stay.”)

then slamming the nearest door with the attitude of a Snow Queen singing,

“The cold never bothered me anyway!”


Christmas would then arrive with Sophie’s theme tune of ‘Jingle Bells’. She’d put on her reindeer ears and skip round the downstairs singing,

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.”

“Old MacDonald’s still alive and then we come and play! Hey!”

(I don’t think I need to patronise you with the actual lyrics this time.)


Now, at six years old she’s thankfully beginning to broaden her repertoire of music and likes to go on Amazon and have a browse. Tonight, whilst Pete and I were putting Olly to bed Sophie was in the kitchen flicking from song to song whilst posing in the reflection of the patio windows. She yelled through to me, “Mummy, Mummy! This one’s called ‘Kids’. It’s for children.”

“What?” I couldn’t quite hear her over the noise of the spraying shower, Olly’s squeals of delight at the tickling of the warm water and the annoyingly loud whirring of the bathroom fan. So she ran through to Olly’s bathroom, “I found a song called ‘Kids’! It’s for children!” Her eyes lit up. She smiled bewitchingly as her hips started shimmying from side to side and she flung her arms out like she was about to take off.

“Okay, that’s nice. You go and finish off your dance and I’ll be through in a minute to watch.” I smiled as Sophie twirled off back into the kitchen.

A few minutes later I left Olly with Pete reading ‘The Bumble Bear’ (it’s becoming one of his favourites….. Pete’s, not Olly’s!)


As I headed towards the kitchen I could hear a song that I was more familiar with as a party-going, crop top wearing, twenty year old student and not as a stay-at-home, cardigan wearing, thirty seven year old frumpy mummy. I walked into the kitchen to the sight on the TV of Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams singing to each other to “Juuuuuump on board! Take a ride!” whilst surrounded by scantily clad pole dancers girating along. It looked like a scene from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and not something a six year old should be pirouetting along to.

My eyes widened in horror, “Sophie! I’m not sure that this is actually a kid’s song, darling!”

“It is, Mummy! Listen!” She began to sing along

“And we’ll paint by numbers, until someone spills.”

(actual lyrics: “and we’ll paint by numbers, ‘til something sticks.”)

Humming the rest of the refrain she twirled in circles until she lost her balance, knocked over the bar stool and keeled over onto the floor with dizziness flinging her arms out into a pose saying, “I was meant to do that!” She then flung herself in the air doing some sort of star jump like Leroy from ‘Fame’ and landed dramatically on her hands and feet as if she was spider man leaping from a rooftop and yelled at the top of her lungs,

“And the kids are always right!”

(actual lyrics: “and the kids are all right”….. but I think I prefer Sophie’s version.)

I could hear someone clapping behind me. It was Pete, “Amazing, darling! Well done!” he said.

“Yes, Sweetheart! Very dramatic!” I added whilst desperately trying to locate the remote control. “Now, you go upstairs and Daddy will put you to bed…whilst I try and work out how to add child lock to Amazon Music!”


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