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5 Golden Rules for first time Freelancers

So, you want to be a freelance writer? So do I!


Here’s what I’ve learned so far about what I need to be doing every day in order to achieve that goal.




You need to have an online presence. This means having a blog where you write regularly. Not only is it then a place that potential clients can visit to check out your work, but it’s also a way in which you can be writing every day and therefore practising your writing craft.


Ideally you’ll have a blog focused on the same niche that you’re trying to get freelance work in, but it doesn’t always need to be the case. The main thing is that you’re writing every day and your clients can easily see that you CAN write.


2. Socialise


I don’t mean meeting friends for coffee, going out for dinner or joining the local tennis club – nice as it may sound! I mean you need to get onto social media.


There are so many platforms for social media these days. Work out which ones suit you and your niche best and then start connecting with other people who are working in the same niche.


This means choosing new people to ‘follow’ every day, ‘liking’ other people’s posts and ‘commenting’ on these posts. What you’re doing here is leaving an online trail back to your blog. If these people like what they see then, they’ll start following your blog. The more followers you have, the more attractive you look to potential clients.


3. Pitch


Find websites, magazines and companies that are looking for writers in your chosen niche and pitch to potential clients every day.


Some will pay, some won’t. Many won’t even reply to you. That’s why you need to be pitching every single day to increase your chances of actually landing a client.


Set yourself a goal of maybe five or even ten pitches a day.


When you’re starting out, don’t turn your nose up at unpaid guest posts on other blogs. Guest posting is another great way to increase your online presence and increase your credibility as a writer.


4. Read


If you want to be a quality writer then you need to be reading quality writing.


Read up on how to write blog posts, how to write within your niche and spend time researching for your potential pitches.


5. Repeat


Wake up tomorrow and do it all over again!


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