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Meet The Browns



Wife to an exhausted secondary school teacher and mother to two small children and an energetic dog, in her late thirties and with a gap in her CV the size of a chasm, Jenny is beginning to realise that this isn’t the life she ordered. Fuelled with strong coffee by day and red wine by night she constantly tries to keep up with the demands of the house and family, only to realise that no matter how hard she tries… she’s outnumbered. 


On the wrong side of thirty five, Pete is deliberating when would be an appropriate time for a midlife crisis. As an over-worked secondary school teacher it can’t come too soon. Pete likes to cycle, walk the dog and do messy crafts with Sophie. His favourite TV programmes are ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ where he dreams of becoming a property developer, ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ where he dreams of becoming an architect and ‘The Chase’ where he dreams of beating the Chaser and winning enough money to give up teaching and start either of those said new careers.


Sophie is seven years old. She likes to wear princess dresses and have ‘long hair’. Talking is one of Sophie’s absolute favourite things. Whilst many naive individuals would look at the sweet, golden haired, blue eyed exterior, they soon regret striking up a conversation with this little cutie when 10 minutes later they are still trying to politely shut her up.


At four years old, Oliver is super cute. His favourite things are smiling, giggling and watching Sophie dance, sing and do puppet shows. What many people don’t know is that Oliver is no ordinary toddler. Underneath that super cute exterior is actually one of the world’s strongest superheroes! Being an extra special child with extra special needs, Oliver daily fights huge battles against the evil forces of ‘Dastardly Delayed Development’, ‘Sinister Sight Impairment’ and ‘Insolent Immobility’.


Despite the confusing name, George is actually a girl dog. Thankfully she hasn’t developed a complex about being given a boy’s name. Any kind of attention of any sort is sorely welcomed by this eager and loyal hound.  Having joined the Brown family before both children she has slowly but surely moved down the pecking order and will do anything to garner attention: