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The Naivety of Presumption

“Hello!” The letter begins. It’s written on glossy white paper with a cute little bear dressed as a bee in the corner. The letter comes from The Book Trust and is accompanied with a shiny new book that all Reception aged children have received across the country. The letter continues, “You must be bursting with…

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What the school prospectus doesn’t tell you about the playground

The school playground: skipping games, ball games, mind games, giggling, name calling, teasing, nobody to play with… and that’s just the mums at drop off and pickup time!   Yesterday, I found a couple of nice mums to play with, I mean chat with whilst waiting for Sophie. Celeste’s mum was on her own standing…

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The Problem with Reward Certificates

“Mummy? Guess what I’ve got?” Sophie’s sing song voice calls from the front door. I’m in the kitchen feeding Oliver and can just imagine her cheeky smile and wide eyes, giving a sideways look as she says it. I reply as singsongy as her, “What is it?” Somehow I don’t quite get the pitch or…

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