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Wash and flush… it’s not always a good idea

“Have you washed your hands?!” “Have you flushed?!” Two questions that are constantly spouting from my mouth because nine times out of ten she hasn’t done either of these things, and with the toilet being downstairs she hasn’t got far to go to rectify these things. (Even if it means all she’s doing is turning the tap…

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17 signs you’ve been watching WAY too much CBeebies

You become fascinated by some new knowledge you have gained from ‘Nina and the Neurons.’ You miss Sid. You wonder what on earth Katy has done to her hair THIS time! You begin sentences with, “You’ll never guess what happened on ‘Abney and Teal’ today!” You hear the theme music to Chugginton and say out…

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How to clean your house… a lesson in priorities.

Morecaster. Middle of January. Miserable winter weather. I, Jenny Brown, am at home on a Wednesday evening, slumped on a cream, sagging sofa with felt tip marks scribbled on the arm rest and what I hope is chocolate smeared into the upholstery. I stare past my ghastly neon pink ‘Best Mum in the World’ slippers…

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