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Timescale according to a five year old – Part 2

  “I like eating rice, Mummy, just like Chinese people. Don’t I?” “Yes, Darling.” “You know, Mummy, we could go to China.” “Maybe one day. That would be fun.” “Let’s go tomorrow!”   *************************************************************************************************************************   Knowing how much she loves birthdays I said, “Did you know it’s the Queen’s birthday today!” Sophie, eating her Cheerios,…

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Timescale according to a five year old – Part 1

  “Do you remember, Mummy, when I was a baby and I ate pink fish (salmon) for the first time and I really liked it?” “Do you mean last week, Darling? When you were five like you still are now?” “……Hmmm, yes.”   ****************************************************************************************************   “Daddy! Come and play in the balloon room!” “The balloon…

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How to react when your five year old uses the ‘C’ word.

My five year old daughter has just said the word ‘Shite!’ She’s looking extremely proud of herself: face beaming, pigtails bouncing as she shovels her favourite pizza and chips into her mouth whilst kneeling up to the kitchen table on the tallest dining room chair that we own and sitting right next to her, clearly…

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