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Signs that your Pre-Schooler is overly tired

“Mummy, when I was a little girl…”   “Mummy, remember when I was in your tummy…”   “Mummy, when I was a baby…”   This is how my five year old begins almost all of her sentences. Most of the time the rest of the sentence is made up from her own imagination….   “Mummy,…

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17 signs you’ve been watching WAY too much CBeebies

You become fascinated by some new knowledge you have gained from ‘Nina and the Neurons.’ You miss Sid. You wonder what on earth Katy has done to her hair THIS time! You begin sentences with, “You’ll never guess what happened on ‘Abney and Teal’ today!” You hear the theme music to Chugginton and say out…

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Our daughter, the drainpipe slayer

“Mummy, I bleeded Chardonnay.” Just like that she said it. Standing in the bright colourful corridor of her nursery, walls decorated with sunshine and rainbows dotted with sweet paintings made by the children and tiny photographs of each of the adorable pre schoolers all in a row showing whose peg was whose, stood my happy…

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